EnergyThe project engages targeted children in Key Stage 2 to encourage higher levels of participation in physical activity as well as a greater understanding of the importance of diet and nutrition.

Schools receive 12 weeks of support from a Healthy Lifestyle Coach employed by Learning South Leicestershire School Sports Partnership. ENERGY Clubs are delivered for 1 hour per week for selected children – approx 15 children per school. Activities take place both out of school hours and during curriculum time.

An ENERGY Clubs resource was developed in conjunction with Leicester City School Sports Partnership and Leicestershire Diet and Nutrition Service, including a range of physical activity and nutrition based challenges for children to take part in both at school and at home. Nutrition activities including a ‘cook & eat’ session are included as well as a final celebration event, and parents are invited to get involved. 

Children can also attend ENERGY Club holiday activities.

Evaluation of activities has shown the following impact:

 Have the children who took part improved their physical movement skills during the activities? 90% yes 
 Did the children develop confidence through the activities? 89% yes
 Did the children taking part enjoy the activities? 94% yes
 Have the children involved increased their participation in physical activity since taking part in the activities? 71% yes
 Are you continuing to work with the targeted group of children specifically and how are they being encouraged to continue participating in physical activity? 100% yes. Activities such as fitness based clubs, more involvement in PE lessons, School Games competitions, helping out and Sports Leadership

 Comments from schools include:

Ridgeway Primary School

“Children really enjoyed the sessions. The coach was fantastic and really enthusiastic. Children who attended regularly got a lot out of the sessions.”

Huncote Primary School

“The sessions in which healthy breakfasts were brought in were extremely well received by both parents and children.”

Fairfield Primary School

“The boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed the sessions delivered in schools. Part of that enjoyment was down to the relationship the coach developed with the children and her enthusiasm.”

Little Bowden

“Children really enjoyed and it was good to see them being so active and confident away from the class situation.”

Claybrooke Primary School

“Children at the school really enjoyed the variety of activities they took part in.”

Croft C of E Primary School

“A popular club that has had effects (confidence and increased particpation in exercise) on the children and we want to continue the good work”


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