Sport Premium Additional Funding – Academic Year 2015/16 for Support Package Schools

The Government has announced new funding for primary school sport in the form of a further £150 million to continue the School Sport premium in the academic year 2015/16. 
The investment was revealed as part of the annual Autumn Statement, in which the Chancellor Exchequer updates Parliament on key economic indicators, borrowing figures and public spending plans. Although not included in the Chancellor’s statement in Parliament, the funding was announced in the full Autumn Statement document issued on the Treasury website. 
The Autumn Statement revealed that the Sport Premium will now be extended into the academic year 2015/2016, having originally only been guaranteed for two years. The funding, which has been available since the start of the current academic year, is allocated directly to primary schools, providing them with dedicated resource to increase PE and school sport provision in their schools, and was previously due to end in Summer 2015. 
In addition, the Autumn Statement also revealed that, from 2014 onwards, primary schools across the country will be able to benefit from £18 million of National Lottery funding to improve sports facilities in schools. The Primary School Sport Facilities Fund will be run by Sport England and will help primary schools that have little or no outside space to get more young people active. We will work alongside Sport England to support schools on how best to maximise this funding.
It is important that schools secure Good teaching of Physical Education and teachers have the confidence and subject knowledge to teach PE. I have attached a free resource on Physical Education Subject Knowledge. Which you all should have seen at your 1:1’s and at courses.
It is important to reflect this new announcement in your future plans after completing your initial review and audit of Physical Education and School Sport. Your free resource has now been posted and will be with you soon. It covers all the points and has all the resources and a great deal more covered in the 1:1 sessions. If you have not had you 1:1 yet I will bring this resource with me. It contains:
The Guide will help you:-
• To know and understand the uses and recommendations of the Sport Premium in relation to Physical Education and School Sport;
• To know the expectations and be able to show impact for Ofsted in relation to the Sport Premium In terms of pupils achievement, leadership and management, quality of teaching, curriculum and overall judgements in Physical Education and on whole school judgements on leadership & management of the school;
• To understand how to implement strategies and actions to improve teacher confidence and PE subject knowledge in the teaching of curriculum Physical Education;
• Understand how to assess the quality and  of sports coaches and programmes that utilise the funding;
• Understand how to ensure sustainability and embed good practice in curriculum PE, extracurricular  provision for physical activity, intervention, school sport and competition as well as high quality community programmes and club links;
• Have examples of action plans, impact assessments and audits of provision that can be used to show the impact of the Sport Premium spend.
The Guides:
Enables teachers to have a clear understanding of how to establish needs, action plan and impact assess the Sport Premium. It will cover the guidance from Association of Physical Education (afPE) and other national organisations in  relation to effective uses of the funding. It explores and shows how to establish needs and current requirements for Physical Education and School Sport, support in the development of Teacher confidence, competence and subject knowledge in Physical  Education curriculum and extra-curricular School Sport. The improvement of PE and School Sport provision and how this can be achieved in a meaningful and realistic way whilst balancing the ongoing pressures of whole school issues and class teaching.
It also give example school improvement strategies for Physical Education in relation to Ofsted Subject Specific Guidance for Physical Education. The resource also contains examples of and how to formulate draft plans and impact assessments for immediate use back at school. 
• Auditing documents, guides and pro formas
• Subject Leader Handbook
• PE and School Sport Premium initial audit, action planning and impact assessment guide and tool kits
• Action plan guidance, examples and pro forma
• Work scrutiny guidance, examples and preforms
• Lesson observation guidance, examples and pro forma
• Physical Education policy documents
• Example curriculum maps and provision auditing tools