Get Active in Blaby!

Get Active
It’s never been easier to get active!
Two groundbreaking projects will commence in the new year to help some residents of Braunstone Town and Blaby get active within their communities for FREE!
What is Get Active?
Get active is an opportunity for residents to access up to 12 weeks of free physical activity.
Who can access the programme?
The programme is initially being piloted in both Blaby and Braunstone Town and residents will need to meet certain criteria to access the programme.
How can residents access the programme?
Information will be sent to residents homes as well as community advertisements on how toregister. There will also be visits to local community groups and promotion through partners working within the community.
Why Get Active?
To increase the number of residents meeting the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week. Any increase in physical activity even a small increase can significantly reduce the risk of all cause mortality for the more sedentary population.
How can you help?
We need your help to spread the word to local groups and residents and encourage them to take part in the scheme. We are also keen to get more information on any groups and activity sessions that are taking part in your area.
For more information please contact Health and Leisure Services
Phone: 0116 2727617