We would like to invite you to select 4 students and 1 member of staff to become Well-being Ambassadors from your school, the students can be selected from year 5 or 6 and consists of two males and two females. Well-being Ambassadors is an initiative open to health and well-being member schools, led by the South Leicestershire School Sports Partnership. The selected pupils will take part in virtual training, the ambassadors can be trained at your school as all resources will be accessible online.

The virtual training will take place at school and hosted by the South Leicestershire School Sports Partnership. Pupils will be trained in their role as a Well-Being Ambassador – to help promote health in schools and inspire pupils to think about their well-being. During the conference the attendees will take part in mental health and internet safety training. The Ambassadors from the school will form a health and well-being committee which will be supported by a member of staff.


  • Mixed (2 boys / 2 girls)

Event Dates