The Project aims to increase the number of children travelling to school by walking, cycling and other forms of physically active travel. Benefits of this project include:
Health and Wellbeing:
· Children will be more focussed and ready to learn.
· Promoting Active Travel will reduce childhood inactivity and obesity.
· Regular Exercise builds Self Esteem and Confidence, Improving children’s perceptions of having exercise for life.
· Promotes healthy active lifestyles into general family life through active travel alternatives.
· Time spent outside helps children become more aware of the surroundings.
· Physical activity is a key part of the new healthy schools rating scheme, Active Travel is a great way to demonstrate how your school is encouraging kids to become more physically active.
· A recent Ofsted report found that schools with good provision had an emphasis on healthy living that included encouraging pupils, especially those in primary schools, to walk or cycle to school.



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