“Energise clubs are aimed at children in year 3/4, and Sparx club is aimed at children in year 2. The purpose of both programmes is to encourage higher levels of participation in physical activity & support the development of healthy lifestyles. Over the course of the weeks, the activities will take children on a FUN, interactive journey to improve their physical and mental well-being and learn the importance of a healthy diet, with lots of FUN challenges along the way.


For both Energise and Sparx clubs, the school will receive a box of resources containing;

  • 15 x passports

  • 15 x Gold, Silver, Bronze certificates,

  • Challenge and character cards 

  • Lesson plans which the school will get to keep upon completion of the programme.

The passports are used as a tool to engage the children with the lessons. At the end of each lesson, the coach will set a challenge card for the following week based on the theme of the lesson; if the card is completed and handed in they will unlock one of the character cards from the back of the booklet, can students collect them all?!


Energise & SPARX Projects

  • 10 x 1 Hour (Sparx)

  • 12 x 1 hour (Energise)

  • Usually hall and/or outdoor space is required, although it is possible for sessions to take place in the classroom (behind desks)

  • Maximum 15x year 2 students (SPARX)

  • Maximum 15x  year 3 and 4 (Energise)

  • Sessions be booked anytime between 08:00-16:30