4 competitions

Team Requirements – Schools may enter Year 7 Girls and Boys teams & Year 8 Girls and Boys teams Each of the 4 teams will consist of a minimum of 5 and maximum of 8 boys / girls

Each athlete may compete in a maximum of three track events and two field events.

  • Individual Events
    • 2 Lap Individual A & B Race [Boys x2 / Girls x2]
    • 4 Lap Individual A & B Race [Boys x2 / Girls x2]
    • 6 Lap Individual Race [Boys x1 / Girls x1]
  • Pairs Events
    • 8 Lap Paarlauf (each athlete completes a chosen number of laps) [Boys x2 / Girls x2]
  • Relays (4 athletes per team)
    • 4X1 Lap Sprint Relay (each athlete completes 1 lap) [Boys x4 / Girls x4]
    • 4X2 Lap Sprint Relay (each athlete completes 2 laps) [Boys x4 / Girls x4]
  • Field Events
    • Standing Long Jump [Boys x2 / Girls x2]
    • Standing Triple Jump [Boys x2 / Girls x2]
    • Vertical Jump [Boys x2 / Girls x2]
    • Shot [Boys x2 / Girls x2]
    • Speed Bounce (30 seconds) [Boys x2 / Girls x2]

For 2 and 4 Lap Individual Races, there will be an A race and B race and each team will need to put one runner in each race


  • Mixed Teams


Each team must be accompanied by at least one teacher or team manager, who will be fully responsible for the team at all times.

The event will take the form of an enjoyable team and individual based multi-event competition incorporating all-round skills rather than early specialisation. It has been designed as an indoor competition with all events being carried out in the same format and to the same rules – set out by the Sportshall Athletics Association. To ensure the ethics of Fair Play, time penalties, rather than disqualification will be enforced on any athlete/team breaking the rules.


Results for the competition at CLCC on the 13th March click below

Indoor Athletics Results

Competition Dates