British Heart Foundation and Nike work on Designed to Move

In partnership with Nike, the BHFNC has contributed to the development of Designed to move: Active Schools designed specifically for school leaders explaining in simple steps how to make schools more active.

Active children demonstrate better attention levels, behaviour, attendance rates and academic performance. The impact across the whole school can be dramatic with benefits to the wider school environment.

An active school has three components:

  • It inspires 60 minutes or more of daily physical activity before, during and after the school day.

  • Delivers high quality physical education focused on physical literacy to give children a positive experience.

  • Creates a culture of physical activity for all led by school leaders, parents, staff and a supportive community.

    Making a school more active can sound like a daunting task, this resource provides a framework and tools for school leaders to get others on board and steps to take to achieve an active school environment.

    The full report contains documents and resources on quick wins, designing early positive experiences, active classrooms, age-appropriate movement, teaching children to move with confidence and competence and sample activities.

    The impact can be dramatic. Whether it’s joining in, coaching others or working together, you can feel the difference in the atmosphere of an active school. Every teacher knows that when children are concentrating and feeling good about school, academic performance can improve significantly.

    Over the next twelve months the new Active School guide will be put into practice through a pilot in London primary schools. This will include providing advice, support and a bespoke action plan on how to get children in these schools more active before, during and after school and the benefits that this can bring.

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    DOWNLOAD: Designed to Move: Active Schools guide