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The South Leicestershire School Sports Partnership is passionate about children’s physical activity and well-being.

We work alongside 83 South Leicestershire schools and support education professionals in providing opportunities for all, ensuring well-being, physical activity, school sport and PE is at the heart of school life. SLSSP is passionate about developing inclusive provision to promote personal development and lifelong healthy behaviours.

We work closely alongside the 3 local authorities, Blaby District Council, Harborough District Council and Oadby & Wigston Borough Council

On this page you’ll find a host of resources to support you and your child in all areas of physical activity and well-being. BRAND NEW resources will be added regularly so be sure to keep an eye on the page to view the latest updates. 

Christmas Well-being Advent Calendar 2021

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Check out the resources below!

Well-being Advent Calendar Day 5

wellbeing advent calendar Day 18

Wellbeing Advent calendar Day 19

wellbeing advent calendar Day 20

wellbeing advent calendar Day 23


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A guide to local walking routes and beautiful green spaces South Leicestershire has to offer!













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Change 4 Life 10 minute shake up!

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Looking for a local park run?

Check out the Market Harborough Park Run here!


Research has shown that allowing children to get involved with food preparation encourages them to eat a wider variety of foods. Why not try these healthy & nutritious meal ideas during the weekend! #EatTheRainbow🌈 Let’s make…..

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Warwickshire Wildlife Trust have some great educational resources for schools, youth groups and parents, for children, young people and families who want to learn more about wildlife and connect with nature. Check it out here!



@mentalhealth has lots of helpful advice on how to look after your mental health including tips for coping with fear & anxiety. Their website provides information on a number of areas including grief, loneliness & returning to school. check it out here!


Active Travel resources


Click here for a family resource booklet, full of walking activities for Primary aged children!


Click here for the Choose How You Move Active Travel resource booklet!

Express yourself calming glitter jars

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Local Support & Information

Information for Families in Oadby and Wigston

  • Click here for information about local support services
  • Click here to access the Oadby & Wigston coronavirus community hub.
  • Click here for mental health support information
  • Click here for physical activity advice during COVID-19

Information for Families in Harborough District (including Lutterworth)

  • Click here for information about local support services
  • Click here to access the Harborough coronavirus community hub.
  • Click here for self help ideas

Information for Families in Blaby

  • Click here for information about local support services
  • Click here to access the Blaby coronavirus community hub.

Leicestershire and National Information

  • Click here for national support services/information
  • Click here for support in Leicestershire- First contact plus referral service
  • Click here for the warm homes fund

Mental Health Support

  • Click here for Guidance for parents and carers on support children’s mental health during COVID-19 
  • Click here for Guidance about supporting your child’s education during COVID-19


Parent Well-being 1 Taking a Pause

Parent Well-being 2- Peace in the Present

Parent/Carer Well-being 3- Going Easy on Ourselves

Parent/Carer Well-being 4- The Unseen Burden

Parent Well-being 5- Look for Good

Parent Well-being 6- Mindfulness of Breathing

Parent Well-being 7 – Our Visiting Emotions

Parent Well-being 8 – Embracing a Rollercoaster Life

Parent Well-being 9 – External and Internal Happiness

Parent Well-being 10-Investigating feelings

Parent Well-being 11-  Weather Within us and Around us

Parent Well-being 12- Noticing & using the breath


Episode 1- Returning to School, Lockdown and Mental Health (September)

Episode 2- Eating Habits (October)

Episode 3- Anxiety (November)

Episode 4- Internet Safety (December)

Episode 5- Depression (January)

Episode 6- Body Image (February)

Episode 7 – Confidence (March)

Episode 8- Physical Activity (April)


Helpful resources!

Click here for the Children’s & young person Resource booklet

Click here for the Mental Health & Well-being workbook


Find out what’s happening in your local area!

  • Click here to visit Active Oadby & Wigston
  • Click here to visit Active Blaby
  • Click here to visit Active Harborough

Step up your game & make walking more fun!


Check it out here!

Whether you want to make a bug hotel or learn how to grow a wild garden, the Wildlife Trusts Wildlife Watch have a fantastic range of activities to get involved with. Check it out here


Looking for a fun and active challenge to try?

Check out the fun and active challenges to try out over on our YouTube channel!

A guide to local walking routes and beautiful green spaces South Leicestershire has to offer

*All parks in the Borough of Oadby & Wigston are now closed from 5:00pm until 5:00am the following morning. This is to ensure the safety of our residents.













September 2020 Edition- Post Lockdown Part 1  Post Lockdown Part 2
October 2020 Edition-  Healthy Eating
November 2020 Edition- Anxiety
December 2020 Edition-  Internet Safety
January 2021 Edition-  Mental Health Awareness
February 2021 Edition- Oral Health and Hygiene
March 2021 Edition- Sleep
April 2021 Edition-  Physical Activity
May 2021 Edition- Healthy Eating Habits
June 2021 Edition- Tips for a Healthy and Happy Summer Holiday
Additional Edition- Drugs and Alcohol Education
Additional Edition- PTSD



Check out our Not At School Games Lesson Plans! Perfect for Physical Activity at home!

Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Lesson 3


Lesson 4 – Children’s Mental Health Week


Lesson 5


Lesson 6


Lesson 7