‘Strategies for a healthy teenage lifestyle’

The event will include a range of workshops and activities to develop awareness of the importance of mental and physical well-being.

The event is funded by the Learning South Leicestershire Secondary Head Teacher Forum and each South Leicestershire secondary school is invited to bring 15 pupils to the event. We would like schools to bring 15 Pupil Premium students from year 7/8. The member of staff attending the event will receive Mental Health Awareness Training and learn about strategies to develop whole school well-being.

Activities for students will be provided by a range of partners, including the Leicestershire Nutrition & Diet Service, Turning Point (drug and alcohol service) and the Learning South Leicestershire School Sports Partnership.

Workshops will include:

Dealing with stress & worries effectively
Using Social Media safely
Nutrition for teenagers: Why is a healthy diet important?
Drug & Alcohol awareness: What do teenagers need to know?
Physical activity taster sessions including martial arts, bubble football and yoga.




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Event Dates