Active Travel aims to increase the number of children travelling to school by walking, cycling and scooting. Actively travelling to school has many benefits for your students. It helps keep them fit and healthy, can increase concentration levels in class, helps to develop road safety skills and above all is fun! PLUS! Reducing the number of cars around the school will also help to make the area quieter, safer and less congested.

For more information on how your school can get involved with Active Travel, click on the resources below!

Active Travel Opportunities

Modeshift Stars flyer

Modeshift Stars

Latest News!

 LSLSSP Active Travel month – October 2020!

Take a look at our montage of Active Travel month in October…

To encourage as many families as possible to actively travel to school, we’re launching Active Travel in March 2021 with the help of our friend Spike!

Check out our promo video!

There will be awards for for the most active Class and School and we are also running a fantastic competition alongside March’s Active Travel month. Keep an eye out for further details!