Welcome to the Active at Home page. We hope you are enjoying your activity bags and taking part in lots of physical activity at home. On this page you will find electronic resources to compliment the Active at Home bags

The pack will include the following equipment:

Tennis Ball        Plastic Bat x2

Frisbee              Skipping Rope

Balloon x 3       Table Tennis Ball x2

Bean Bag          

If you activity bag is missing any equipment please contact Hussein mkhan11@southwigston.leics.sch.uk

Activity Ideas for the Active at Home Bags

To watch videos on games you can play with the equipment Click here

To download the electronic copy of the activity cards in the bags, click the image below!

To download the the Primary Health and Wellbeing Booklet Click here

To download the the Secondary Health and Wellbeing Booklet Click here

Prizes to be won!

To be entered into our prize draw to win an Amazon voucher, participants must complete two short physical activity questionnaires; One when you receive your activity pack (Week 1 Click here) and one after 10 weeks of the project (Week 10 click here).

Additional Resources

For more fun physical activity ideas visit our YouTube Channel here

For further information about physical activity opportunities during the summer click here.

Check out our Not at School Games lessons for more physical activity ideas at home.

Click the images for all the info!